Dedicated to the androgynous womxn

I pose the questions; What is femininity? Does being female still equate to femininity?

















Coming to terms with my femininity has meant coming to terms with hegemonic notions of masculinity which women have been looked down upon for embracing and overlapping with their breasts and obvious female sex.



I am feminine with my hairy legs, I am feminine for my bruises, I am feminine for my armpit hairs. More than that I am feminine when I man-spread, I am feminine when I smoke and curse. I am feminine when I wear pants and cut my hair.

These binaries of female vs male are being questioned today and MCM aims to converge the two rather than distinguish them. We can be both and not have to fit into either or. Who says I should disband my femaleness because masculinity is favoured? But most of all; who says I should be purely feminine just because I was born into a socially constructed notion of what a womxn should pertain to.




















Liberate yourself; abandon that which doesn’t make sense.


Fashion; Photography; Directing: Musa Nyangiwe

Model: Wendy Kate-Arther van Wyk

Hair/Makeup: Kirstin Boshoff

Clothing: ArtclubandFriends

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