Favorites from FENTY x PUMA FW17!

Schools out! Or so we thought, until Rihanna showcased her latest collection at  Paris Fashion Week last night. The show was centered around classic collegiate wear reworked into on-trend and stylish street-wear must-have pieces. Rihanna literally rewrote the rules on old-school classics.

Here’s what stood out for us:

The Polo shirtcropped and tightened

Why? There has been a very subtle but recognizable resurgence of prep-inspired pieces (think 2006 Kanye vibes) and we are digging it. This cropped and tightened version is not only flattering but also a breath of fresh air from the ‘oversized everything’ that most designers are still pushing (think Yeezy Season 1 2 3 4 5 vibes).


Puffer/duvet jacket – brightly colored and long

Why? What’s not to love about a long puffer jacket in winter?


Elongated sleeves – with flaring detail

Why? As stated below, everyone is milking the sh**t out of the over-sized clothing craze, and to be honest it has gotten a bit tacky and stinks of retail. Exaggerated sleeves with a flaring detail, however, are clean and show a real understanding of the relationship between what belongs on the runway and edgy street-wear.


PUMA could not have chosen a better Creative Director and celebrity collaborator even if they tried. FENTY x PUMA really embodies the ‘rudegal’ aesthetic that Rihanna is known for and with the brand truly coming into its own, we are sure it will keep on rising.


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