Steffany Roup Lookbook

Our favorite stylist and Creative Director, Gabrielle Kannenmeyer is back with another painfully pleasing look-book but this time for local jeweler Steffany Roup.

When asked about the inspiration behind the concept of the visuals shot by Kyle Weeks, Gabrielle had this to say:

“I wanted to provide the models with a platform to represent themselves – an opportunity to have themselves seen the way they desire. Being that many of the people cast were artists and designers with their own aesthetics I thought it was important.”

Take a look  at the amazing styling by Gabrielle and of course exquisite pieces by Steffany Roup below:



Designer: Steffany Roup (

Creative Direction, casting and set design: Gabrielle Kannemeyer (

Photography: Kyle Weeks (

Photographic Assistant: John Second

Wardrobe Assistant: Anita Clare Atuanya (


Anita Clare Atuanya (

Azuli Peeters (

Githan Coopoo (

Keith Henning (

Julia Brewis

Queezy (

Seun Logan (

Unathi Mkonto (

Siya Andi Biyela (





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