“In The Streets With Puma”

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to do a photo-shoot with some of the coolest pieces at the PUMA Select store in Cape Town. We chose to shoot PUMA as the first of our ” In The Streets With” series because:

1)   COLLABORATIONS  Unlike the big names in sportswear/street wear, PUMA has managed to remain pure in their choice of celebrity clothing lines. To me, there is nothing more annoying than brands using celebrities to sell products that aren’t that great to begin with. When a brand has too many collaborations with too many different celebrities and well-known public figures, it becomes less credible to the people. PUMA has managed to support actual designers and artists who make a positive contribution to youth culture and of course to street style.

 2) We love creative underdogs: PUMA is a street style underdog in comparison to the giants such as Nike and Adidas Originals. Only because not a lot of people are aware that PUMA sells anything other than sportswear; and because PUMA didn’t have entertainment giants as the face of their brand like the others do until  of course Rihanna was named  the new Creative Director of PUMA a few months ago. The difference between Rihanna working with PUMA and most celebrity partnerships is that she is not just releasing a couple of items with her name on them or in different colors, she is actually in charge of the whole creative process of all PUMA designs and of designing completely new pieces.

Also, Rihanna is no ordinary celebrity. For those who do not know, she has managed to become one of the worlds current style icons because of her groundbreaking outfits and constant trendsetting. This means whatever she has planned for Puma will be cool no matter what.

We hope that because of this, you can change your perception of Puma and hopefully wander into their pop-up Select store at 137 Bree Street and see if you like anything.  The sole purpose of The Cool Kid is to educate and shed light to things we feel deserve the youth’s attention.

Shot by Ya’eesh Collins @yaeesh_collins  Follow me on Instagram @musanyangiwe_rg All clothes available to buy at Puma Select stores or online Puma.com. Many thanks to the Puma Select team for their undivided attention and service, you made our job that much more fun! 


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