Cool Kids of Instagram

There are leaders in the fashion industry and by leaders I mean the people that decide what is the next ‘cool’. These influential people have websites and blogs but they all have one thing in common: Instagram. This is where we get to take a look into their personal lives and style and hopefully get some inspiration. Below is a list of my favorite menswear instagram accounts that I make sure I check at least once a day:

First up is Siya Beyile of The Threaded Man. The Threaded Man was founded 2 years ago, which is almost hard to believe when considering how far it has come. You can track Siya’s personal journey as one of South Africa’s top bloggers and visual creatives on his Instagram where he shares his Fashion Week adventures; weekend looks; and upcoming projects. Oh, and the not-so-rare ‘Sunday Selfie’.


siya beyile ttm



(All images courtesy of

Chu Suwannapha is not only the Fashion Director at YOU; Huisgenoot; and DRUM Magazine but also the designer of his own label CHULAAP which showed for the first time at the very first SA Menswear Week back in February. He is also known as the Prince of Prints and that is literally the most accurate nickname the media has ever given someone. His Instagram account is never boring; if it isn’t a shot of himself, in prints of course, standing in front of a matching backdrop; then its features of his collection gracing the covers of magazines such as ELLE SA.

Image courtesy of Trevor Stuurman Style Diaries
Image courtesy of Trevor Stuurman Style Diaries
Image courtesy of Chu Suwannapha’s Twitter


Trevor Stuurman of Stuurman Style Diaries is my favorite Capetonian by far. He is young; ambitious; and damn stylish and that is very rare to find here. He is a very talented photographer and you can follow his work through on Tumblr but the real magic, in my opinion, happens on Instagram where shares his meals; projects; travels; and of course his very individual style. As one of the faces of Woolworths AW campaign, he is really showing us how to style department store clothing to make it look really cool.

trevor black and white trevor chulaap

(Images courtesy of


The people included in this post are creative; influential; and ground-breaking in my opinion. I almost always see them together at some event or show and that shows me that in this very tough industry, there are people who help each other. I I hope you enjoyed the post!



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