Essential: The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is the timeless piece everyone should have. The simplicity of bomber jackets makes it very easy to style with almost anything, within reason of course. The best bomber jackets, in my opinion, are the ones with bold colors. This includes the colors black; olive-green;white and navy blue. All the other color options are way too extravagant for me and would make it a tad bit harder to look as effortless as possible, which is the whole point of bombers.


The perfect season to rock bomber jackets is of course winter however you can pull them off in the hotter days as long as the rest of your outfit is fitting. As for the bombers in brighter colors, I would suggest staying away from those as they tend to grab a lot of unnecessary attention and then the night time you wear it, people automatically think you’re wearing the same outfit just because they remember the jacket!

So, where can you shop for these? Well, Topman; Zara and River Island are the go-to places for basics but do not be surprised if you see someone else in the streets with the exact same bomber jacket as you do. Local brand Oath by Rich Mnisi has two desirable bombers in the latest collection that I think are worth looking at.’

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