My Favorite Brands Right Now

My Favorite Brands Right Now: Local & International

I love fashion and the thing about it is that it is constantly growing and evolving with the times. That makes it that much harder for designers to stay relevant but also true to their own identity. Why is that a good thing? Well, simple, because the weaker ones perish into has-beens and the stronger ones turn brands into lifestyles.

Acne Studios:

Their simple aesthetic makes it almost impossible not to dream of being robed in their pieces even when going to sleep. One of my favorite pieces from them has to be their olive-green nylon bomber jacket. That right there is a must-have I would give my organs for! As for the prices of a brand like this, well let’s just say they do not have any issues charging a cool $620 for a bomber jacket like the one below. I know, too much but then again think of the aesthetic value not the monetary value!

acne studios bomber

Oath by Rich Mnisi:

OATH is by far one of the best menswear brands in the country right now so it would make no sense NOT to have them on this list. The reason why I love this brand so much is because of the way the designer, Rich Mnisi, plays with the cut and the print of his pieces in such a way that it stands out but still is completely ready-to-wear to the fullest extent. Unpredictability is another reason why I cannot stay away from their Instagram feed every single day making sure I haven’t missed anything. My favorite piece from OATH right now has to be the silk ‘Window’ Pyjama set from his latest collection shown at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg.

oath by rich mnisi

Adidas Originals

I know, how ‘commercial’ of me but I cant deny the fact that Adidas has been doing it for me these past few months. Not so much with their celebrity collaborations (sorry Kanye) as with their own classic shoes. When they announced they were bringing back the Stan Smiths and the Superstars, I HAD TO HAVE THEM! The outfit possibilities with these silhouettes are countless and also just the history behind them was enough for me to make sacrifices and have at least one of the two. I chose the Stan Smiths and not a day has gone by that I am not satisfied with my decision.

IMG-20150315-WA028 IMG-20150315-WA036


Okay, this brand has to be my favorite right now! Spear-headed by Virgil Abloh; the man behind many of Kanye West’s most creative projects and also the founder of Pyrex Vision which  is how I took notice of his work. From simply screen-printing PYREX on the back of rugby flannels to his latest collection  which is currently competing for the Louis Vuiton-Moet Hennessy Prize. The one thing I love most about this brand is the way it presents street wear. It’s almost as if there are no rules and Virgil just designs what he feels the ‘kids’ will like or should like. The simplicity of his pieces competes against the even simpler stories behind the collections with the latest partially inspired by a N.E.R.D song. My favorite piece from this brand well, has to be this entire look from his FW15 collection:

off white coat black

So, what was the point of this post? Well, not only to share with you what brands are doing it for me right now so that you can have a look and see If we share the same taste, but also to show you that international brands do not have to be the only ones you look at. Local designers have really been stepping it up lately namely: Eleni Labrou (AKEDO); Jenevieve Lyons and Lukhanyo Mdingi just to name a few! I plan on doing a look book with all the above mentioned local designers with my favorite pieces from their lines.

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