Essential: The White Sneakers

Essential: The White Sneakers

‘The White Sneakers’ are probably the one thing everyone should have! During summer, choosing the right pair of shoes to wear with your outfits can be very challenging which is why a pair of white sneakers is the right choice.

The beauty of white sneakers is that you can style them with shorts or jeans without looking like you had no other pair of shoes to wear. Also, the color tends to balance out the rest of your outfit whether it is floral or neutral or even all-black ensembles.

So, lets assume I have managed to persuade you to invest in a pair of white sneakers, you need to know what kind you should get:

Adidas Originals Stan Smith:

IMG-20150315-WA028 IMG-20150315-WA035 IMG-20150315-WA037

Adidas Originals Superstars:

IMG-20150315-WA034 IMG-20150315-WA039 IMG-20150315-WA041

Adidas Originals Veritas Mid:

IMG-20150315-WA010 IMG-20150315-WA023 IMG-20150315-WA011

The reason I have chosen these 3 pairs is simply because of their silhouettes. Each silhouette makes a statement without trying to grab all the attention away from the rest of your outfit unless you want it to.

Make the right decision, get a pair NOW!

Shot by: Ya’eesh Collins & Shingi Murinda


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